Hi everyone, I thought I would let you all know how Buzz is getting on here, he is a charming boy who I love dearly, although Buzz can be initially  nervous of new people he soon comes round and loves a fuss. Buzz is very clean in his kennel now and will take himself into the outside run to go toilet. Buzz is now kenneled with Lola and they are  both teaching each other new things! I think Buzz is amazing and just needs that extra special person to come and give him a home, Buzz is not phased by most livestock animals including sheep and horses. Buzz walks perfectly on a lead and is not phased by traffic. I'm really asking you all to share Buzz far and wide so we can find him a home, although he does love it with us. I'm currently teaching Buzz sit and drop as he loves to be kept busy. Buzz is available for sponsor or re-homing through Great Dane Care.

"I often watch Buzz run around the field with Lola and it brings a smile to my face, he likes to roll around in the grass with Lola enjoy cuddling together in the sunshine, when it rains Buzz turns into a typical Dane and prefers to snuggle under a heat lamp with you. He is very gentle and doesn't lick you or jump up (I think Lady taught him this!) As you can see from my photo  with him he is very attached and he enjoys the attention.  He walks great on a normal lead and doesn't pull at all, he is fine around sheep and cows but is not overly keen on horses, however, he is eager to please so could be trained to be happy around them.  When I feed Buzz he does his little happy dance where his two front feet come off the ground slightly and he prances like a reindeer! He does this at every dinner time and it makes me laugh.

 I would love to Buzz in his own home with his own people, however for now I am happy to be his surrogate mother, he does love it at the kennels with us but I'm sure he would love a comfy sofa to. Please share Buzz as it would make my year to see him in a home. Thank you, Lizzie and Buzz"